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Book Info:

Honest June by Tina Wells

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Publishing Date: December 28, 2021


For June Jackson, middle school is hard enough–but it’s even harder when a fairy godmother grants her the ability to only tell the truth ALL THE TIME! Is it a blessing… or a major curse? June’s charming story will inspire big laughs and even bigger love for a new heroine for our times.

June Jackson is an expert at exceeding people’s expectations. She can’t help it; she’s a people-pleaser! She’ll do everything she can to be the perfect student, daughter, and friend, even if it means ignoring her own feelings sometimes. Cue Victoria, June’s secret fairy godmother, who blesses June with the ability to never tell a lie in the hopes that June will finally be honest with her loved ones. Instead of telling them the truth to their faces, June turns to a secret online blog–the only place she can write out her true feelings without hurting people.

When all of her responsibilities start to pile on–field hockey, the school paper, family responsibility, her friends–June begins feeling so overwhelmed that sometimes it feels hard to breathe. Not to mention June is desperately trying to figure out how to overthrow the spell at the same time! When the pressures reach new heights, will Honest June finally be able to break free and tell whole truth and nothing but?

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About the Author:

Tina Wells is the founder of RLVNT Media, a multimedia content venture serving entrepreneurs, tweens, and culturists with authentic representation. Tina has been recognized by Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, Essence’s 40 Under 40, Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Phenom, and more. She is the author of nine books, including the best-selling tween fiction series Mackenzie Blue, its 2020 spinoff series, The Zee Files, and the marketing handbook, Chasing Youth Culture and Getting It Right.

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First off I want to say a big thank you to TBR Tours & Beyond for yet again selecting me to review this book which I am truly grateful and have loved every minute working with you guys and to the publisher for sending me an Arc.

Let me introduce June who is about to start Middle School and want's to make an impact as well as making everyone around her happy at all costs. That is until her worst nightmare happens. I loved the main character of June and could see why she did what she did I also loved her interactions with her school friends. Their friendships were real and tangible and not like in some books where they are used for the background. I also felt the immense pressure June was under as both her parents were very successful and Tina showed this through her writing style. There was one particular scene which actually floored me and I was crying while I was reading and this due to Tina's handling of anxiety. She wrote so beautifully and was so on the money as I too as an adult suffer with both anxiety and depression so know what it feels like. There is one more character who plays an intricate part in the story but I am not going to say who they are as it would be a major spoiler and I don't do spoilers. I would love to see June again and see how she grows as a person. For all these reasons I have given Honest June 4 stars and can't wait to see what else Tina writes about.

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