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#didn't know that about bats

I was lucky enough to have my request to read Nocturnal Symphony : A Bat Detector's Journal by Anne E Johnson through Netgalley and I really enjoyed it. Our main character is Bru who spends time with her friends TK and Laura who are members of the science squad trying to collect Bat Sounds and we see their ups and downs while doing this and I think Bru learns quite alot about herself and it is through her journal that we see her thoughts and her hopes which become in turmoil when her best friend Laura leaves the club and her for her two mums to get married seem to never come true. I love the short chapters and the science bits throughout the book and found it very informative for me as an adult I had no idea there were so many species of bats. I also loved the introduction of the computer games angle very clever. So my final score out of 5 stars is 4

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