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Beliveathon Day 15

Wow day 15 already and I have completed another book Disney Chills Part of Your Nightmare by Vera Strange which has Ursula from the Little Mermaid as the Villain of the piece all I can say is what an ending. I had to give it 4 stars. This is my ninth book read and I have collected the footprints so now I four prompts remaining. I already have started book ten which is the prompt for the hand mirror. We all know Middle Grade books have beautiful covers but at the last minute I changed my mind originally I was going to read Smoke and Mirrors until I was put off by some of the reviews so I needed to have a rethink. The I remembered Wishtree by Katherine Applegate and you should see the cover it is stunning. I am now on Chapter 8 Page 27 and I am already captivated by the writing style as well as the impressive illustrations by Charles Santoso. I do believe I may have another 5 star read on my radar how exciting

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