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Believathon Days 20 & 21

On day 20 I was reading both The Land of Yesterday by K A Reynolds and A Boy called Christmas by Matt Haig and so far so good but what I would say The Land of Yesterday storyline is much more heavier than A Boy called Christmas so I needed to read something lighter. Day 21 I have read up to Chapter 8 of The Land of Yesterday and Chapter 9 of A Boy called Christmas. After realising that I have a week left of the readathon and to be honest I am flagging mentally I decided to use A Boy called Christmas for two prompts which are Legend or Myth and Seasonal so that meant I would only need to read the group book which is Frostheart. I am a bit of a slow reader and knew that Frostheart even though it is Middle Grade still has 439 pages I decided to listen to it on audible as I have 5 credits outstanding and boy am I glad I did. Thanks to the narrator who is very entertaining and brings the book to life I have managed to get up to chapter 10. I still want to read Frostheart physically at some point as well The House with Chicken Legs at some point where I can enjoy them properly and savour the author's writing style.

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