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Believathon Days 19 & 20

Reading was non-existent on day 19 due another bout of vertigo which gave me a bad head for the rest of the day. Day 20 began pretty early I was not having a great night so I found myself up again at 3am and i spent the time until I felt tired finishing off the Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan. I enjoyed the story but was put off by the attitude of Rose towards her twin Arthur and it kind of put me off a bit. My favourite character was Win the Ninja Wizard or the Wizard Ninja because he had such a exuberance for life and was very loyal to Arthur. As for the Baddie Crowky was a bit Creepy and I bet the younger audience loved that. On the whole I gave the book 4 stars it lost 1 star because of Rose but later she is bit better

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