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#Believathon Day One

Well day one is now complete I did carry my reading later into the next day and I finished just before 1am I was going to attempt to read some chapters of the Middle Grade Monthly Choice The Crooked Sixpence but my brain could not take anymore. I am loving the books I chose. First off we have Agatha Oddly and I find her character very interesting and so is the premise so much so I wanted to keep reading on. Then we have the gorgeous Other Words For Home and it has already captivated me and i am only on Chapter 20 of Part One but my favourite has to be Silver Arrow which I am listening to and reading at the same time. I am not even bothered by the slight differences in the book the words used are motorway but audiobook is calling the motorway highway. This book is so imaginative as we have talking animals and a talking train what else can a Middle Grade Reader want

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