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Believathon Day 28 Another continuation

I have been trying to keep myself busy as I had to distract myself from the wearing of the BP Monitor and then forget about the irritation it caused so I decided to read yet another book. This is my 17th Book who am I since I was worried I would not finish the Group Book. I decided to go through my kindle and see which book took my fancy and I chose A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond. As a child I avidly watched the series but never read the books. I even got more excited when I realised that you could read and listen if you had audible which I have and the narrator was Stephen Fry. I started just listening to the audio on it's own but when I combined the two omg it was amazing I thoroughly enjoyed myself and just wanted to carry on reading and listening. From now on I think I will combine the audio and the reading as much as I can I got alot out of it. So I am giving A Bear Called Paddington 4 stars and will contine with the series

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