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Believathon Day 28

It's 5.09 am I woke up at 4.24 am suffering a bit with the usual early wake and extra pain so what do i do get a glass of water and pick up a book. Not any book but a book written by Sophie Dahl the grandaughter of Roald. The Book is called Madame Badobedah and I purchased it thinking that it was a going to be a long Chapter Book but instead it only had 3 chapters. This book is Sophie's first children's book and together with the illustration's by Laura O'hara it was entertaining telling the story of how Mabel who lived at the Mermaid Hotel became friends with Madame Badobedah even though Mabel thought that Madame Badobedah had a secret . The book shows how important and wonderful a child's imagination is and that any adult if they really tried could have that same imagination. So for Sophie's first Children's Book i am giving it 3 stars.

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