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Believathon Day 27

Had a pretty good reading day and finished listening to The Land of Yesterday by K A Reynolds. Don't get me wrong I found the actual reading of the book not as enjoyable as listening to it. I liked the premise of the book being about loss and depression but for me I found that fantasy was slightly over used and yes I got that the Land of Yesterday was where people went to forget but it would of been better if we actually felt the emotions of what character was going through. On the other hand the production of the Audio was of a very high standard indeed and the Narrator Brittany Pressley was amazing and for this reason I am giving this 4 stars if I had carried on reading the book physically I think my rating would have been lower.

I also carried on reading A Boy called Christmas and omg this was a gem of a book funny with some great reindeer gags, sad and poignant I found that I was laughing and then tearing up. Matt sure knows how to write a story and I think this will be a new tradition for me to Read A Boy Called Christmas and it's follow up Father Christmas and Me every year now. It was so good that at 12.03 am on the 28th November 2019 I finished A Boy Called Christmas so I am including this in Day 27 Blog and giving this amazing read 5 stars. This means that I have completed all the prompts for Believathon so I am going to read a few more picture books. I have loved the readthon so much and I am so pleased with myself.

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