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Believathon Day 26

I found at the start of Day 26 I had read more of A Boy Called Christmas than The Land of Yesterday which I tended to stop reading. I was enjoying the book but felt that I needed to read it a different way and searched Audible as I still had 4 credits. To my surprise Audible had it and so I decided to start again and listen to the book again. I am so glad I did. The Narrator is amazing she does so many different voices and I find I am being enchanted so much so that I have got up to Chapter 21. As for A Boy Called Christmas I am thoroughly enjoying it and have read 4 chapters today. Out of the both of them I prefer A Boy Called Christmas as there is something about it and will be saddened when I finally finish it. It won't be the last Matt Haig that I will read I think he is going to be one of my favourites.

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