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Believathon Day 25

Today was a pretty successful day I finished listening to Frostheart by Jamie Littler and was so glad I picked the audio. The Narrator Joshua McGuire was so entertaining with the different voices for each character really brought them to life. I felt Ash's sadness and pain and the danger that the crew of the Frostheart found themselves in. My favourite character was Luna she made me laugh alot. I will be re-reading Frostheart again at some point physically and there are not many books i will re-read. I can'r wait for Frostheart 2 to be released. For this reason I am givng it 5 stars. I then read 7 chapters of A Boy called Christmas and loving Matt Haig's sense of humour which is beautifully shown through the character of the Truth Pixie she is hilarious and I have been laughing alot when she is involved in the scenes.

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