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Book Info:

The Mighty Onion by Mark Crilley

Genre: Middle Grade

Publishing Date: April 2, 2024



This hilarious illustrated novel about the chaos of the creative process follows middle schooler Eliot Quigly as he endeavors to create the best superhero comic ever—with unforgettably epic hiccups along the way!  

Eliot Quigly is sure of one thing and one thing He is sitting on the greatest superhero comic idea of all time. Combine radioactive onion rings with a run-of-the-mill kid and you get the Mighty Onion, a crime-fighting superhero who gains extraordinary powers whenever he eats onions. It’s genius! Eliot can’t wait to get his brilliant idea out into the world, but there’s only one he’s terrible at drawing. Eliot is about to throw in the towel when he lucks upon the perfect illustrator—classmate Pamela Jones, who begrudgingly agrees to help.  With his ambition and her artistic talent, there’s no stopping this dynamic comic-creating duo. But partnership is a tricky road, and creative differences arise quickly. Will Eliot and Pam stick together long enough to make this vision a reality? Using a mix of comics pages, journal entries, handwritten letters, and more, author-illustrator Mark Crilley explores the triumphs and tribulations of the creative process—and teamwork—in a series opener that’s unlike any you’ve seen before!


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About the Author:

Mark Crilley is an American comic book creator and children’s book author/illustrator. He is the creator of Miki Falls, Akiko, and Brody’s Ghost. He is also noted for his instructional videos for drawing in the manga-style. Crilley distributes drawing advice to artists via YouTube videos and his DeviantArt account. In August 2010, he starred in some how to draw videos for Funimation on demand. Mark Crilley’s wife is Miki Crilley who he named Miki Falls after. The two have a daughter, Mio, and a son, Matthew.


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When i first saw the tour for The Mighty Onion it gave me memories of a 10 year old in the UK watching a cartoon which first started out in a comic called Bananaman. So you can imagine how pleased I was when I got a place on the tour.

Oh my days this was so clever not only to show how much work actually goes into graphic novels but also entwining the finished comic throughout. It also made me love Graphic Novels even more

I loved Eliot and Pamela and can't wait to see what they get up to next.

One more thing this is a shoutout to Goodreads to reintroduce their Graphic Novel category back into their Books off the Year as these guys and girls deserve recognition.

For all the above reasons The Mighty Onion receives 5 big fat stars

Thank you Mark for giving readers and insight.

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