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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

I was lucky to get a copy of Sad Ghosts Club by Lize Meddings and published by Hatchette via Netgalley I was so excited. I was having trouble reading this on my Kindle so I decided that I would get hold of Physical copy as I really really wanted to read it. There was something special about this graphic novel. I wasn't sure what it was but I knew it had an important message. I loved that the drawings were black and white I don't think it would of worked because the subject matter was about anxiety. As a sufferer of Anxiety I found myself in the characters of Socks and SG and know how alone you feel but when you talk to a fellow sufferer you finally realise that there are people just like you and there were people who could understand you even though their anxiety may differ to yours. I particularly liked the resources at the back of the book. I believe there is going to be a follow up and I will be buying it I am dying to find out what happens to Socks and SG and for all these reasons I am giving The Sad Ghost Club 4 stars

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